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Company Introduction


Shenzhen Geya Electronics Co., Ltd. is located in Bao'an District, Shenzhen City, based in Baoan, positioning before the sea, facing the vast number of friends at home and abroad, specialized in PCB design, PCB copy board, PCB processing electronic products industry, specializing in PCB design, PCB copy board, PCB processing electronic products produced a complete solution. Shenzhen board Long Technology specializes in double-sided, multi-layer PCB copy board (clone board), to board, BOM list making the device, inverse schematics, SMT ......

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Tel: 0755-27880929

Fax: 0755-27872480

E-mail: gyx@gyxpcb.com 

Website: www.gyxpcb.com

Postal Code: 518000

Address: Bao'an District 40 District, Shenzhen, Hong emancipated Road 63 Stone Garden (Baoan Electronic City), Block D 29C

Professional procurement team, a rigorous vendor certification;

In the United States, global procurement network throughout Japan;

Complete incoming inspection, strictly control the quality;

ESD, temperature and humidity-controlled warehouse management;

We can provide customized feed dedicated warehouse, convenient and worry.

High multilayer correspondence: 2-64 layers;

From sample to volume PCB production;

Conventional plate, HDI, FPC, the metal substrate;

Japanese quality control system, high reliability;

Rapid delivery, on-time delivery.




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